LOL!!! Meet Bob Nkosha AKA Dorika

Humor is the most powerful medicine and Bob Nkosha has been medicating Zambia with his unique potion of comedy for over a decade and counting.
Meet Dorika, the Zambian Madea, a tough talking, no nonsense, take no punches, and very influential woman. Bob Nkosha is our Zambia’s Tyler Perry. Watch out Africa.
Dorika Performing On Stage
Bob describes Dorika’s character as an independent woman of means, with street smarts and even though she has no formal education – she takes care of business and takes no bull from nobody. She’s miss independent, a modern woman and doesn’t need a man for financial support. 

In the early days of the Dorika character she was portrayed as an illiterate person who could not communicate or complete her thoughts clearly. We all have mothers, grandmothers, aunts and if we’re lucky – sisters; this new Dorika is assertive speaks her mind, knows her rights, has an identity, and is all about what she wants. This is in every sense what we want for those we love and Bob has found a way to introduce us to a strong woman while making us laugh. We all go home after his show with a new sense of humanity. Bob is a genius.

Bob Nkosha Performing Stand-up Comedy  

He said the creation of Dorika was not prompted by any real-life situation. The fictitious Dorika is a 45-year-old single mother. Dorika encourages women not to allow men to trample on them. You can tell how much the crowds lover her, because when Dorika’s on stage, it brings more life to the audience who laugh at every joke, every story. Bob plays to sold out crowds, he’s laughed his way to the top of Zambian comedy.



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