Benjamin Kahitare: the new generation of comedy


His name is Benjamin Kahitare. This amazingly talented artist was discovered in 2012 at the Laugh Fest Lubumbashi organized by Gondwana City Production RFI. During his first International Festival of Laughter, he was able to depict his country, Congo, with humor and absurd realities.

Benjamin Kahitare is one of the few young people in his city or even the country to practice what is called a “one man show”. While he has completed computer designer studies, he finds himself attracted to comedy. This job has opened many doors since 2015 when he had the opportunity to participate in some large African comedy shows.

Benjamin Kahitare has had his fair share of shows in the past 6 months. In October 2015, Benjamin Kahitare represented the R.D.Congo Gondwana Festival in Abidjan and participated in the show “The parliament of Laughter” that occurs every weekend on Canal + Africa. In November 2015, he was a finalist at Joke Nation and represents Africa at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland.

Benjamin Kahitare Benjamin Kahitare

In December 2015, he was a finalist in the competition Prix RFI Young Talents organized by RFI and in January 2016, 550 people saw Benjamin Kahitare’s show at the French Institute in Kinshasa (Halle de la Gombe), where he performed for the first time.

Benjamin Kahitare Benjamin Kahitare

Even though he is still in the beginning of his comedy career, Benjamin Kahitare has shown his huge humorous ability. He is able to easily parody the young high school student and the older generation and his audience proves that all ages will enjoy his performance.

Below is an excerpt from his show at Halle de la Gombe of Kinshasa :

On Friday, April 15th, you can see him perform the “Kahitare Show”, created in 2014, a self-made comedy show that is sure to bring laughter.

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