My Baby is so beautiful


OC’s My Baby Video is finally out. The hardest working man in show business has been criss-crossing the USA mesmerizing ladies of all ages with his Musana Wandalama dance. The video which was filmed across major cites on the eastern sea board of the USA was filmed over several months during his tour with footage from Boston, New York and Washington DC.

The video features cameo’s from Macky 2 and DJ Yeka Yeka. This wonderful piece of work from OC and his team including Simms Lumami and Chris Kay is a true piece of work; you guys did a bang-up job. I was onsite for some of the shooting and it was a privilege to see this young man work.

The Song is available on Kalimba if you’d like to tryout his dance moves; watch the video and let us know your thoughts; and  somewhere in the video is a Kalimba Logo 😀



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