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Ruff Kid is the most consistent young brother in the industry. He’s had a hit every season and now the mega hit One Topo is taking regional at night clubs by storm. There’s been huge spike in streaming from across the region after we uploaded his song to kalimba and we thought we’d take a second look at this young brother and properly introduce him to both his old and new fans. I am not going to bore you with his back story or his birth name because Ruff Kid does a much better job in his own music than I would. To know Ruff Kid is to listen to his music and it doesn’t matter that his music is mostly in Zambian local languages – fans still eat it up.


African music is on an upswing and Ruff kid like so many other artists from this region and beyond will be the beneficiary. I hope to be in the VIP when he does his first stadium tour across SADC.  Stay tuned because a Ruff Kid show is truly an explosion of joy. The man has an amazing command of the stage – damn the stage antics. Ruff Kid is the real deal. If you have not seen him on stage make it a must to see him and if you’ve seen him before – make sure you see him again because this young blood is about to blow up!

Check out this new video from crazy babes – lets make it go viral 🙂



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