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Dj Spilulu, is a producer and beat Creator ahead of his time. His sound is a permanent fixture on the Congolese music scene and across Africa.

He started making music at at an early age and released his debut album at 21. He’s has looked back since then and his sought after by top clubs from the Lubumbashi to Cape town and everywhere in between. His talent has no equal and his passion no much.

Johannesburg is where this brilliant DJ sharpened his skills by playing popular night clubs like Aqua Lounge , WooZoo , Vogue, and Monaco just to mention a few clubs. He was seduced by the house music and developed a unique sound and style of his own. I had an opportunity to seat down with the busy DJ for a few questions I thought you’d be as interested in reading

You do so many things – how do you describe what you do?

I am a manufacturer 🙂 I make people happy –  produce artists,  I sound engineer, and I DJ, I manufacture fun.

How did you get your start?

I got interested in music wile in the Congo but my interest grew once I got to South Africa for school. I had big dreams – I even participated in the South Africa Music Week in 2005-2006 with my group, we were among the final 4 groups. it was at this time I knew music was for me and I wanted to learn more about the industry – producing and making beats. I remixed the artists’ songs like Usher etc. at the beginning, then Mzee Kazi Wa Africa gave me an opportunity to work on music for an album, the 4 songs i produced became popular and as they say the rest his history.

What is music to you?

Music is my life but its also my job; I think that I am really lucky to be making a living doing what I am passionate about. I wake up with a smile – wouldn’t you?

You’ve worked on several great projects – do you have a particular project which wows you? 

“Mukubwa” was  rejected My Label because they did not appreciate what I was trying to do; so since it was a what I believed to be a good piece of art – I put it on the internet and 3 months later “Body SiteVy” contacted me and wanted to use it. I was contacted via the net and before I knew “Mukubwa”was a big hit. This is the song that made me; and I’d probably say that is my WOW project 🙂

What are your sources of inspiration?

Africa First, my country, my town, village, and of course my mother who is “Dilolo”. Every time I try to create a piece I think of my city and I create something that represents me.

What is the secret to success in your job?

I think it’s “originality” and “persistence”. I try to remain honest to myself, I try to stay Spilulu in everything I do.

Tell us about your biggest show, the one which gave you chills?

It was in Polokwane in RSA –  a great festival and for the first time I had itchy feet. It’s happened 2 or 3 times since but Polokwane my first therefore the itchy feet – it gets better with time. Itchy feet mean I’ll kill it 🙂

What are your latest sound works and a hit now?

There is “Yoyoyo” with Bhino Bhino, “Vivi Vida” a remix I did for Dj Satellite, which has done very well in Europe, and “Apana We” with Ivo Da Joker which has done very well here in Lubumbashi.

A little tip for all those young people who what to follow you  “Spilulu” as an example?

The first thing they should know is I can not play the piano, I’m not really a musician, but to look at what I am doing with what I am able to do. I’m not as talented as they think, I take my time to do what I do. They are able to do more than me – just have the passion and patience. I believe in Congolese and African talent.

You do not have a little slogan with which you might end?

Lets encourage each other and if you like the music then you should buy it – that encourages the artists to create and tell our story as Africans.

But I’ll leave you with this message

Well –  “L” for “Lushois Ni Plan (Lushois Must have a Plan)” I am a Lushois then I plan – hope you know what I am saying 🙂



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