Lubumbashi Music Festival of 2016


Every year music lovers and artists come together on June 21 for the international music festival. The 4 day event from 21 to 24 June is free to the public concerts.

An initiative of the NPO Manus and coordinated by the musician Francesco Nchikala with patronage of the provincial government of Upper Katanga. The idea is to gather all artists of different genres  in one place to share and to celebrate  great music, enable those who do not have the financial capacity to attend paid experience live performances of their favorite stars.

The artist and musicians gift their fans from all walks of life great music and performances to celebrate the love and friendship

Quick recap of the Program June 21 to June 24

1st Day: June 21 is the first day and the most special day in my opinion.  To start the 4 day festivities; seven concerts will be organized through out the city. Expect surprises as artists will be roaming within the districts. The artists will not be announced ahead of time. All I’d say is expect a great shows  at the corner of avenues Sandoa and Maniema.

“The musicians will show at each stop of a more or less 1 hour on a podium trucks, which will move from district to district while stopping to 6 specific locations that the public will not know in advance. And finally the final concert of the day will be on a larger podium, installed and prepared rather for the general public who will be ” Francesco N. Coordinator Asbl Manus

press conference

press conference

Day 2: June 22 Concert in Bakandja center, which will present gifts and School Supplies – Books, foods, and clothes. The gifts are purchased by the artists.

Day 3: June 23 Concert with artists and some private guests at the Inn of the NPO Manus

Day 4: June 23 And finally to finish the celebration of this feast of music in 2016, the final concert will be the largest and held at Kiwele complex.


Journalist at the press conference

Unity, peace, and love is the theme and concept for this final day of the festival, given the state of our country – political conflict and  war in the North East. The music and indeed the fans need to show that despite everything that divides us, we’re stronger together and all we have is each other.

For 2016 – Lubumbashi music festival will be the best ever. Everyone is invited to dance, sing and have fun these four days of festivities, because this year you will hear the greatest music.

#LubumbashiStandUp and see you at the festival



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