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Suffix real name Aubrey G. Ghambi is a Malawian rapper based in the city of Blantyre. He has one mixtape known as D.O.S and several hit singles to his name including Necessary Noise, Ulendo Wa Kumwamba and Mkazi wa kuMwamba which gripped over 68,000 downloads on the site. His 2015 comeback single D.Y.M was featured on the world’s largest Christian Hip Hop online magazine (Rapzilla). Suffix is currently ranked No.17 on the top 20 list of Africa’s most influential Christian hiphop artists. Suffix was featured on Zambia’s award winning producer/artist Mag44’s album Brave Only. He did notable collaborations with Zambian artist/producer gEO and DJ Traffik, and Malawi’s David Kalilani.

In 2015 he toured Zambia, joined by one of Malawi’s creative cinematographers named Sukez, and shared stages with renowned artists for instance: Lotahouse’s Pompi, Mag44 and Tim (fka Thugga of Zone Fam). He has worked with producers like DJ Sley, Daredevilz, Dahlie Beats, BFB, Sticky Stacks, Janta, Zambia’s Mag44, gEO, Stone, and others.

He is currently working with artists across Africa like: Abel Chungu (Zambia), Lilly Million (South Africa), Limoblaze (Nigeria), Tim fka Thugga (Zambia), Ruyonga (Uganda) not to mention Olivia (Zambia). He radically utilizes music as a platform for conversing serious issues with people, mostly about his faith.

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