Miss RD Congo 2016


Miss DR Congo is back after a 4 year hiatus in a breathtaking reality TV show.

It was in 2012 that the DRC had a Congolese beauty worthy of representing the nation in all international competitions; Christelle Mbeni – she was the lucky winner. Since then, a silence fell on the congo as though we had no Congolese beauty to grace the stage. The history of Congolese beauty is deep with luminaries of the like of Ombayi Mukuta miss elegance in the 1972 Miss Universe contest, Benita Kayonga 3rd runner up in Miss Universe 1985 contest. These ladies had the  envy of the entire nation.

The years of absence is over; the comeback of an exciting eagerly awaited TV show by the Congolese population is finally here. Produced by the Ministry of Tourism with Pygma production company, and Vodacom.

“The lack of competition was due to the lack of organization and the difficulty of finding patners to bring such an important project like Miss RD Congo”
Elvis Mutiri Wa Bashara Minister of Tourism

Elvis Mutiri Wa Bashara Minister of Tourism

25 candidates have been selected out of thousands who took part during presets in different district of the country and the Congolese diaspora to contribute to MissRDCongo2016; which will take place in the capital Kinshasa. For 3 months they will be tested on various categories and the winner will have to prove that she’s worthy of representing Congolese female beauty on the world stage.

Candidates Miss DRC 2016

“The format of Miss Universe Contest, is competing for 3 hours with 3 rounds and a question. To elect a representative of the country beauty? Why not give the public time to discover the candidates, get an opinion on each and know who to elect. Three months for the public is good ”
Alain Yav CEO Pygma communication

Alain Yav CEO Pygma

Congolese beauty has long been absent from major beauty events across the global – Miss Universe, Miss World and others. Representing the country has always been a dream for many young ladies and today this dream will come true for one lucky young lady to represent the whole country at major events around the globe. The 25 selected candidates will have the difficult task of representing their provinces first and be exemplary for 3 months; and finally impress the contest judges.

To follow the progress of the competition join the event on Facebook or Youtube. Who will be the most beautiful woman in DR Congo? The future will tell.

Turn it up will run an occasional summary of the contest – stay tuned!



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