Zambian Hip-Hop Festival 2016


Hip-Hop is not just music, hip-hop is poetry, hip-hop is an expression and most importantly hip-hop is a lifestyle. Well, the guys that brought you Wiz KidTransblasts Entertainments, now bring you what they are calling the first ever Zambian Hip-Hop Festival on the 23rd of July 2016.

Industry titans like Slap-Dee and Macky 2 have built their own respective Hip-Hop empires. Lets not forget Mag44, Pompi, Bobby East, Chef187, Jemax, Dope-G, Tim(formerly Thugger) and many others. The show intends to highlight this outburst of lyrical talent in Zambia. To highlight the festival, South African Megastar Cassper Nyovest will headline the show. Although most of us know that he is just a referee for the CB vs LSK..battle for the hip-hop crown.

The Event is being hosted by Good Life Studio & Transblasts Entertainments. The Zambian hip-hop scene has been around since the late 80s and early 90s as American Hip-Hop culture spread around the world. People had found a way of expressing themsleves through poetry and beats. Some of the Legends in the early scenes included the likes of Crisis, Ice Da Underground, Chilu Lemba, Cypha crew, Blaze and MT GOD BLESS (Mandiva Syananzu & Tommy Banda). A decade later In 2012, Red Rose, the Gospel hip hop artist became the 1st Zambian female rapper to release a full length hip hop album under the Yeken Music Record Lab.

Even politicians in Zambia are paying attention to hip hop. Zambia’s less democratic leaders will and do fear the political potential of a youth movement spurred by it, and have tried to censor the more politically charged artists. I dont know about you but I’m super excited for this awesome event.

The Organisers have also made it not only about established artists, but also upcoming Rhymers. Check out the details of the competition below…

Attention all upcoming MCs from Lusaka and the Copperbelt. You are hereby invited to submit videos via our Facebook inbox and stand a chance to perform at the first ever Zambia Hip-hop Festival on July 23rd 2016.

Rules on how to participate are available on the organizer’s facebook page.

Good Luck and let the game begin.



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