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Brave Only Music on the 2nd of June 2016 released a brand new single titled “Power Town”, as a collective of all Brave Only Music artists i.e. Mag44, Esther Chungu, Mikrophone7, The Proof, Church, Lelwa and Solomon Plate.

This new collective promises to be a collective power house of Zambian creatives. So what happened to LotaHouse? Isn’t this the same group as Atmosphere?

Actually this is a completly different collective of artists. LotaHouse comprises of Mag44,Tio,Abel Chungu and Pompi. while Atmosphere is Pompi, Crazy Fish, Flow1ne and others.

Does this mean their in competition?……Not likely, but it means there is growth in the Zambian music Industry. And if a little competition is thrown in the mix, that just makes everything better. this brings us to a really important question, Who is Brave Only music? and what makes them unique?

Brave Only Music is a record label based in Zambia, founded by Steven Mwale and Magnus Mando. The record label is a group of young, creative and passionate people on a mission to have people live a brave life; and change the mind-set of Africa’s generation to be fearless enough to live out their God given purpose.

The label houses the following artists:



Born in Lusaka on April 24th as Trudon Shinkombwe, Church is a focused, free spirited and zealous person. He not only raps but is also a producer. He has also been a dancer. Church has lived to understand that in life there are people looking for love, hope and so much more and have a story the world needs to hear. Church’s music has created that bridge between “The story” and “The listener”. He has so far released a mix tape titled “This is Church,” with hits like “Nkamubombele.”

With a talent that has so much potential of reaching greater heights, Church has become accustomed to all kinds of genres, and being a producer he knows that sticking to one sound does not grow creativity.


Mikrophone 7 “M7”

In four words M7 can be described as being “Brave, loving, humorous and respectful.” Growing up in the Catholic Church as an altar boy, M7 developed interest in music which led him to join the Loyola Youth Choir of St.Ignatius Parish. It is from there that M7 learnt how to sing. Born in the Capital city, Lusaka, on 22nd April 1994, Kaluba Bwalya is a young and energetic artist with a passion for the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mikrophone7 has so far released a mix tape titled ‘God Engineering.”

Esther Chungu

Esther Chungu

Esther Chungu’s music can be described as redemptive, seeking to bring hope and love. She does music because she finds fulfillment in helping someone by uplifting them through her lyrics. Her vision is to impact the world through her music and also be remembered as someone who used her talent and influence to help people have a better view of God’s love for them.

Currently a student at Rhema Bible Training Center in Lusaka, Esther Chungu has had a responsibility driven life and that has helped the 22 year old to take her dreams and aspirations seriously. Esther Chugu resides in Lusaka. She recently released her single “Runaway Child,” and is scheduled to release her debut album in 2016.



Born Nanalelwa Amatende on 7th March, Lelwa has been singing since she was in school and in church. Her music can be described as being a mix of Afro-jazz and RnB. she is upcoming gospel artist who has featured on Mag44’s Brave Only album as well been a backing vocalist for Stan Chipuma. In four words, Lelwa can be described as: Vibrant, Intelligent, witty, focused.

solomon plate

Solomon Plate

Solomon Moyo was born on 2nd November in Lusaka. Known as Solomon Plate, he is an upcoming talented singer and producer. He can be described as focused and determined. His taste in music is versatile, from Rhumba to EDM (electronic dance music).



Mag44 is known for his creative direction, awesome beats and a minister of the Gospel.  He has produced hits like Vichani, Fyn Fyn Boy and Chikondi for Tio. He has also released two albums; Jijue and Brave Only. Mag44 has also produced albums for artists Kanji, Pompi, Abel Chungu, The Proof and Tio.

the proof

The Proof

The Proof is a singer, rapper, songwriter and drummer. Currently studying marketing (CIM), he lives to work for the Lord and preach the gospel through his music. Inspired by his cousin, the young artist has a passion for music. He was born Jonathan B. Sinyangwe on 26th November. The Proof has so far released his mix tape titled “The Proof.”

I look forward to seeing if Brave Only Music is truly the power town! Check out the hit single Power town on the Kalimba app, and sing along with these Power Town Lyrics



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