Chembo talks Curiosity, Artistic Flair and Positive Vibes


Kalimba loves artists, especially the home-grown kind. Not too long ago we got a chance to sit and chat with Chembo. An Indie-singer, songwriter and actress born in Zambia and raised in North Wales.


Her style and vocals  elevate you into the realm of Afro-pop infusion-ed with soul. Don’t believe me? just check out some of her work and thank me later ! For now lets savor the being that is Chembo.

1. When and why did you  get into music?
Well my curiosity with music began when I was really young but I never too singing seriously until I was around 17 just like when I left high school. Then after singing at open mics and recording a few songs I decided I would love to make music my career but I didn’t really have a solid attempt until 2014 with my single “Tightrope” Produced by F1

2. What was the first tune(s) you learned?
Honestly that’s likely to be a nursery rhyme and like the first song I learnt was when I was a tiny person Venga Boys Ibiza song. It was made for kids to be honest even now I’m like who they make that music for? Lol

3.How did you get your Artist name?
Well that’s not even complicated it’s on my birth certificate lol. Its my first name and I just found it natural, I never ever thought about having a “stage name”

4. What instrument(s) do you play?
Yes and hopefully by the end or mid next year I’ll be fully capable of playing a guitar with confidence. So maybe this should be no at the moment lol

5. As a child growing up music surrounds us, what type of music did you hear then and how does it compare to the music you hear now? What was the first song you ever sang? And what did it feel like?
My parents played so much random music around the house, but my father loved reggae so much,  and country music as well as Congolese Rhumba music and of course soul music like 60s vibes….my mum digs that stuff! I would say the reggae influenced my laid back vibe and my writing but the soul influenced my sound a bit. Just a bit. Lol

6. How did you become involved on the type of music you play/sing now?
Open mics have really influenced me I can’t even explain it. I feel that that vibe that laid back vibe of open mics influenced how I like my music.

7.If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?
Positive vibes with Artistic Flair! Well that’s five but yeah

8. What are your songs about? What specific theme do they cover?
I can’t really say “specific” is my thing. I’m an artist and being specific would restrict how I express myself. I talk about what I experience and what I see

9. What do you think the biggest opportunity in your career has been?
Opportunity? To perform at Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi in October!! Best thing so far this year. Better things are coming but yeah this is amazing so far

10. What are your immediate music goals(1-3years)?
To be OVERBOOKED for shows especially festivals and concerts around Zambia and everywhere else really. And also to have a few projects out for sale and music videos all sorts. You will be immersed in my Art!!


11.What has been your greatest challenge to date?

12. If you had a chance to change anything about the music industry what would it be?
More committed and reliable people working in the industry and taking their jobs seriously that’s the most important thing to me. Seriousness and professionalism!

13.Do you have any fan comments on how your music has affected/changed them?
Not necessarily that deep just got a lot of messages about how they love my songs and how relatable they are or how they love the message and the vibe really. I love when.people do that.

14.What does your family think of your performance? Do they support you?
Yes my mum and brother and sister are supportive like crazy in all my endeavors and most of my cousins too. So yes.

15.Do you have any other interests you would love to share with us?
I love vlogging my life currently actually so check out my youtube channel: Chembomusic
And I also love to cook. Well when I can be bothered.

17.How do you rate your live performance ability? Do you feel better performing live or in studio?
I love both because they are so different. Studio is a chance to perfect everything and experiment with my initial ideas while live performances are also fun coz you get to switch it up for the audience and freestyle a little bit.

18.Tell us about your most embarrassing moment if you care to share with us?
Honestly I don’t embarrass easily as a person I get over things like that fast. I did fall in the middle.of town once in Wrexham Wales where I grew up. But I laughed at myself more than other people did and got over it and kept walking lol.


19.If you could perform with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I think Tina Turner or Maybe Pk Chishala as well. But I just want to work with Kanye West ASAP lol. So Kanye when you read this hit me up!!

20.Is there someone special you would like to thank for making your music special?
Umm for making it special? GOD!! The source of my artistic prowess my source and creator. I get this writing gift from God. The voice etc. So nobody else makes it special apart from the source of it all!!!

21.Will you keep us updated with your music, so the fans can get to know more about you and hopefully catch a live show.
My next live show is in Malawi at Lake of STARS for those in Malawi and Zambia if you going. And the one after in Zambia is in Chipata keep your eyes on my twitter/fb: @chembomusic

Chembo and Guitarist Neil perform at the Lake of Stars festival

Chembo and Guitarist Neil perform at the Lake of Stars festival

FYI- Chembo did perform on the beach stage at The 2016  Malawi Lake of Stars festival.

Just for fun…fill in the blanks

Without music I would be: Crazy!!


My Music makes me feel: Sane

I write songs because: It’s like therapy for me. It’s how I vent and it’s where I find comfort

Support music because: music of my music? Okay my music because Zambia and the world don’t have an artist like myself, who creates passionately and has such a strong artistic vision in the exact way I am already beginning to execute mine. That’s why you should support me.
And support music in general because music is life. Without it, we would probably cease to be. Or be really bored lol

Follow me on Soundcloud/Fb/twitter/instagram by searching: Chembomusic or @chembomusic and comment and be interactive with me. I appreciate all that.

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