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DETHRONE EP REVIEW Looking at the track list of the Dethrone EP a couple of weeks before it was released, I felt Suffix had featured too many artists. Is that a bad thing? Well, certainly not. My biggest concern was that he would be overshadowed by the artists, and that the first and last track off the EP, “Ndinakakhala Judge”, which by the way is the only track he did by himself, was the only statement he would be making in the EP…Boy, was I wrong…Too wrong that when the EP finally landed in my inbox, I felt like I had been given a side of Suffix that not even my wildest nightmare would have predicted.

I should warn you, Dethrone is not an EP to be listened to by the faint hearted. It is a war, it is anger, it is the type of truth that would have you thinking about your life. Suffix gave the world a piece of himself – literally. He gave us a piece of his mind without sugar coating his skeletons, which I should add, are skeletons that we can all relate to and are probably guilty of. Dethrone is a revolution as far as Gospel Hip Hop is concerned. It is not your typical “I was a sinner and God saved me” or “God is wonderful” twaddle that you get in most Gospel/ Christian songs. These are known facts that even people who have not been in the presence of God can utter even in their sleep. This EP shows that people can be weak and vulnerable, people lose themselves to the glory and fame and everything “nice” that the world offers. Dethrone is an EP displaying the brokenness of humanity and glorifies God’s greatness to a world that is undeserving. In fact, it goes as far as to question God’s presence in the things we face; listen to “Ndinakakhala Judge” and “Talent”. “Where is God when I’m down? Does he really care?” Everybody at some point has gone through some trying times that have you questioning God’s presence. My point is, how many people, especially Gospel artists, actually stand and tell the world the facts about being Christian?? How many of them give a piece of themselves? Some people will be angered by my saying this, but a lot of people have been led astray through Gospel music that makes being Christian feel like it’s all rosy and sipping pina coladas by Lake Malawi as the sun sets. Do Christians sip pina coladas by the lake? Definitely. And the roses – do they get to smell those and appreciate their beauty? I know I do. But every once in a while we get pricked by the thorns and we bleed and we ask why God didn’t warn us. That is life, and that is Dethrone.

Is it all anger and raging war though? Well, not really. The big break started with “Lameki”. The track, in which Nyali Music’s KBG was featured, is light-lyriced and a bit bubbly as compared to the rest of the tracks on the EP. It is track number 5 on the EP, and as much as the track is danceable with a traditional drums feel going on, I felt I couldn’t embrace the feel of the song after being scarred by the previous four tracks. It definitely got me grinning, but part of me was still thinking about my life to concentrate enough on the song (perhaps I’m too emotional??). The tracks that followed “Lameki”, namely “Ziwindi” featuring Zambia’s Abel Chungu and Tim, Nigeria’s Limoblaze and Uganda’s Ruyonga, and “Inkosi” featuring Zambia’s Mag44 and Church and South African based Lilly Million, are songs I could bump to in the bus while resisting the urge to dab while I’m at it. Like “Lameki”, I can dance to these songs and learn from them as well. Definitely having and eating both sides of my cake with these three!

Dethrone EP was released on the 17th of October on Joy Nathu’s Made on Monday along with his new website, It is his first EP following the release of his D.O.S mixtape in 2015. It features artists of their own great caliber, namely Abel Chungu (Zambia), Ruyonga (Uganda), Olivia (Zambia), Tim( aka Thugga of Zonefam), Lilly Million (South Africa), Mista Gray (Malawi), Regenerate (Malawi), KBG (Malawi), Mag44 (Zambia) and Church (Zambia). Dethrone, according to Bob Phondo who is Suffix’s manager, is “a concept of how man, deep in his heart, has replaced God with many idols hence all the disorders in our society, churches and homes. That replacement of God in our hearts is what Suffix is calling Dethrone.”

Listen to the album and share what you feel about it in the comments section!



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