Christia0F0A8881n music fanatics all over can start celebrating what could possibly be the birth of one of Malawi’s best Christian/ Gospel artists. As far as the urban youth are concerned, this guy has already made a name for himself. He can sing, he can rap – in fact, this guy is quoted as saying “As far as genre is concerned, I stick to what people say I am good at. I feel like rap comes more naturally to me though…” My friend, when someone says this, you know they’ve made it in life.

Kelvin Zuze, popularly known as Tallbouy, started music five years ago with ex label mate, Charley. In a mini-interview I had with him, he cited his cousin Tanaposi (known for hits such as Thofo, John Chilembwe and House Party) as his biggest inspiration. His musical career has seen him perform at various events, rubbing shoulders with artists such as Bucci, Gwamba and Cassper Nyovest, just to mention a few. He was featured in “Greedy Me”, a song released in 2015 by Classmates Music that turned out to be a hit among the youth. It topped playlists in many Radio DJs shows and could be heard in local bars and clubs across the country. As people moved and grooved to this banger, little did they know that this track would be his last secular track…

In what could be described as a drastic move, Tallbouy decided to give his life to Christ. For someone who had never had a serious relationship with Christ before, this meant taking a two-year break from music and “secular” life altogether. Friends were lost, better ones gained, and a journey began that he seems to only flourish in. Born again and ready to get back in the game, Kelvin has given himself a fresh start and a bigger mission to fulfill through his music.

“I’m a changed man now. I now go by the name Kingdom Child, and I’m just trying to spread the Word of God – to get people who are not saved and those who are not saved encouraged and strengthened.”

Malawi has recently had some secular artists turn to God, the most recent and notable being Onesimus, Barry Uno, Gwamba and Phyzix (in no particular order). They, however, did not pioneer taking such bold moves in what could be one of the harshest industries on earth. The biggest question and perhaps concern when one goes public on issues like these is whether or not they will still have their “edge” and keep their fan base. This is where Kingdom Child’s newest release as a born again Christian and in the year 2017 comes in. Yup, he’s coming out with a track alright!

The song, titled “Intentions,” is a song that talks about surrendering to God. Kingdom Child explains: “It’s all about surrendering my weaknesses so that I can preach the Word without blemish. My own stronghold has always been pride so before I start preaching, I am asking the Lord to deliver me from it and help me stay right in my track.”

The song, which is an intro coming off of his EP-to-be titled “Have Your People Call My People” is set to be released on the 13th of March, which marks Kingdom Child’s 22nd birthday.

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